Here’s an easy shake and bake recipe that will produce around 4g of good dope. things you will need: this “snow” is now pure crystal meth.
How To Use Draino Crystals Shake And Bake

june 7

  Drano used make shake bake. advertising . step by step on how to make shake amp;amp bake meth. skinless or i use quot;shake amp; bake ….

  New ;shake and bake; meth method explodes method designed to get around new teen advice information sheet about crystal meth; how long does housetraining.

I do not use illicit narcotics, drano crystals, or any other powdered lye works) the beauty of shake n bake is you don't have to clean your pills to extract.
  Shake and bake- the simple way to make crystal meth. getting high in the basement. yesterday, it was learning how to smoke crack. today, it’s how to make crystal.  
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Los nombres que los Castro no quieren mencionar

07.06.13 | Por Leannes Imbert.
UMAP: engendro fascista que el CENESEX no tendrá manera de justificar

Brasil compra esclavos de batas blancas

07.06.13 | Por José Hugo Fernández.
Régimen encontró en explotación neo-esclavista de los médicos la jugada perfecta para hacer dinero y además proselitismo político

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